2014 Series



“And that’s a wrap…”  by Mike Groaning, Mideast Region RADC




It’s been a long series of nine races leading up to the championship in Detroit where draft legal racing was introduced to Belle Isle.  As you cross the MacArthur Bridge and enter Belle Isle, you see the rubber still on the roads from the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix telling you this island is no stranger to fast circuit racing.  The weather was perfect and the Detroit Triathlon course was one that everyone enjoyed.

The inaugural Elite Development Race (EDR) saw some fast times where the Mideast Region had four juniors participate and mixing it up with the older draft legal experienced athletes.  The F1 race had 24 youth athletes from the Mideast Region participate where quite a few experienced their first draft legal race.

In the spirit of his established EDR events in Clermont and Sarasota, Bill Burnett (with the help of Epic Races, Eva Solomon) has brought an EDR event to the Mideast that will surely grow from here.

The series was tight leading into the championship race and this event provided an opportunity for clear separation among the top three standings in all categories.

We will be organizing a skills clinic/training camp for the Mideast Region in 2015 and invites will be provided to the podium finishers for the Talent ID Series. The date of that clinic/training camp will be provided once the details are available.

Final Series Podium

Female Juniors: 1) Alexandra Schwein; 2) Grace Norman; 3) Julia Pritchett

Male Juniors: 1) Brandon Siller; 2) Johnpaul Luke; 3) Trey Shepard

Female Youths: 1) Skylar Stafford; 2) Hope Zimmerman; 3) Anna Hayes

Male Youths: 1) Ben Laurich; 2) Thomas Oates; 3) Chris Oprea



The Mideast Region Talent ID Series is designed to foster development of young athletes age 13 – 19.  The series consists of nine independently produced triathlons.  Each event meets a set of criteria ensuring the race is optimized for those new to the sport as well as those who wish to compete against the best in the region.  Events 1 – 8 are non-draft format and spread across the Mideast Regional states.  The top 10 finishers at each event will earn points toward a season end tally.  The top 3 athletes in each division at the end of the series (totaling 12 athletes) will be rewarded with triathlon merchandise from series sponsors and an invitation to an elite skills camp in 2015 (details to follow).  The main purpose of this series is to encourage participation for young athletes, foster excitement in the Mideast Region, and ultimately develop competitors into the Olympic pipeline.

Series Events






Event 1

June 8, 2014

Batavia, IL

Batavia Triathlon

Website Link

Event 2*

June 8, 2014

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Triathlon

Website Link

Event 3*

June 14, 2014

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #1

Website Link

Event 4

July 13, 2014

Waynesville, OH

Caesar Creek State Park Triathlon

Website Link

Event 5*

July 19, 2014

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #2

Website Link

Event 6*

July 26, 2014

Marshall, IL

Mill Creek Triathlon

Website Link

Event 7

July 27, 2014

Wauconda, IL

Wauconda Triathlon

Website Link

Event 8

August 10, 2014

Sylvania, OH

Sylvania Triathlon

Website Link


August 16, 2014

Detroit, MI

Detroit Triathlon

Website Link

*Sprint Distance only.  Youth will still be scored separately, but will race the sprint distance.

† Please note that the race is advertized as having a minimum age requirement of 14.

Youth Distance Race will be held August 9th (Sylvania SuperKids Triathlon – website link)

Series Eligibility

The Mideast Region Talent ID Series is open to all athletes between the race age of 13 and 19.  The “Youth” division consists of those with a race age of 13 – 15.  The “Junior” division consists of those with a race age of 16 – 19.  “Race age” is the athlete’s age on December 31st, 2014.  Series events are independently operated and entry is not guaranteed.  Event directors have the right to limit the number of participants in their event.  It is in the athlete’s best interest to register in advance for ALL races in which they plan to participate.

Download TALENT ID SERIES FLYER for entire Series description including Scoring, Championship race details, and Cancellations or Alterations policy.

Any questions regarding the Mideast Region Talent ID Race Series should be directed to Mike Groaning (usatmideast@gmail.com).