Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference



The Mission of the Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference is to promote and grow collegiate triathlons throughout the Mideast Region by providing its triathletes with racing and networking opportunities while embracing the higher ideals of sportsmanship and athletic excellence of USA Triathlon.


Intercollegiate competition has been a cornerstone of organized athletics in the United States of America for over 100 years. Through collegiate athletics millions of students have been provided with the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice during college, not only recreationally, but as a developmental ground for Olympic-caliber athletes. Until the late fall of 2005 there had been no concerted effort on the part of triathlon’s national governing body to facilitate the development of the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level (an annual National Collegiate Championship notwithstanding). As such in the spring of 2006, California and western Nevada, representing over 500 student-triathletes, banded together to develop the basic structure for intercollegiate competition for the sport of triathlon. The result was the birth of the West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC) which successfully completed the first collegiate races series in the spring of 2006. In response to the WCCTC’s highly successful inaugural season, the MWCTC has formed in the hopes of extending the intercollegiate triathlon racing to the Midwestern USA and beyond. In 2009 the MWCTC grew to more than 34 Collegiate Clubs. From the large size, the conference was split into two Conferences, thus forming the MECTC in April 2010.

The Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MECTC), founded in 2010, is an association of colleges and universities located in the Mideastern United States of America. The MECTC is officially recognized as the governing body for the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level in the Mideastern United States of America by United States of America Triathlon (USAT), the national governing body of triathlon in the United States of America. The offices of the MECTC are currently located in Dayton, Ohio USA.


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