The Benefits of being a USAT annual member

1. Cost Savings: If you are going to participate in 4 or more races in a year that are USAT sanctioned, the annual fee will save you money.

2. Insurance: With USAT membership, you are covered by secondary insurance from the time you leave your home until you return from the event.

3. Subscription to USA Triathlon quarterly magazine: This magazine is packed with training articles from top coaches, injury prevention exercises from Physical Therapists and physicians as well as diagnostic articles for different injuries most common to Triathletes. Information on nutrition and stories about USAT clubs around the country are highlighted as well as races and events.

4. State Representative network: With your membership, you gain access to your Regional State Representative to express what your needs are as a multisport athlete and what features you would like to see added to the event experience.

5. Rankings: Whether you’re an elite athlete or age grouper and participate at a sanctioned USAT event, you will score points towards your national rankings that will be posted on the national web site and published in the year end Triathlete Life magazine. You will see how you stack up nationally and in your state.

6. Friendly Club Competition: If you belong to a USAT club, your club will qualify to participate in the Mideast Regions Championship Race Series (MERCRS). USAT Mideast Region offers incentives that encourages camaraderie and competition within and among USAT clubs.

7. Non-profit Organization: USA Triathlon is a non- profit organization. Most of the people who are associated with USAT are volunteers and athletes just like you. They do this for the love of the sport and to promote the lifestyle. This creates a unique culture that allows you to be with “like minded” athletes who share your passion for the sport. It also means that a large portion of your dues comes back to you and is not spent on high cost business executives.

8. Local Support: By supporting USAT with your annual membership, you also help support local race directors with the cost associated with holding a race. Race officials, sponsorships through USAT, and insurance help defray the cost of the race. In addition, USAT has strict guidelines for safety and event set up that help ensure you will have a safe and enjoyable experience for a reasonable fee.

9. Multisport Advocate: Your membership also brings you the knowledge that USAT is an organization committed to promoting our unique lifestyle. They award grant money for youth development as well as promoting collegiate level development. This keeps our sport growing and healthy so that we can continue to enjoy participating in races.


Are you looking to start a Tri Club? Find a Tri Club in your area? Renew your Club Membership? There are many benefits to starting or joining a USAT registered Club. Grants, race discounts, advertising, newsletters, and much more. Go to USA Triathlon CLUBS for more information.