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Michael Wendorf - Bio

Chair, Michigan Rep, Youth Development Program Chair



Rob Garren
 - Bio

Vice-Chair, Illinois Rep, Marketing Committee Chair, Marketing Committee




USAT10MidEastRegionLesley Kruzel

Treasurer, Ohio Rep, MERCRS Committee



gradyJeff Grady - Bio

Secretary, Illinois Rep



General Council

 baldiTodd Baldi - Bio

Illinois Representative, Race Bid Selection Committee Chair, Marketing Committee




Lawrence Giannetti - Bio

Indiana Rep, Race Bid Selection Committee



Jereme Grinslade

Indiana Rep, Fundraising Committee, MERCRS Committee




groaningMike Groaning - Bio

Indiana Rep, Race Director Liaison, Talent Identification Coordinator, Race Director/Coaches Symposium Coordinator



 Paul Plummer - Bio

Indiana Rep, Youth Development Program Committee



Dan Tun - Bio

Illinois Rep, Paratriathlon Committee Chair



wilsonGraham Wilson - Bio

Illinois Rep, Club Liaison, Coaches Liaison




Non-voting Council

Jim Weaverweaver - Bio

Illinois Representative, Fundraising Committee Chair



USAT10MidEastRegionTom Reilly

Race Officials Coordinator




 USAT10MidEastRegionJosh De Jong

Indiana Representative, MERCRS Committee




USAT10MidEastRegionNick Cunningham

Indiana Representative




 USAT10MidEastRegionLindsey Cook

Indiana Representative, Paratriathlon Committee, Race Director/Coach Symposium




Mindy Soranno - Bio

Illinois Representative





National Board of Directors

USAT10MidEastRegionDave Kuendig

National Board of Directors Mideast Representative




Administrative Staff

2010 mch profile[1]Michelle C Harter - Bio

Mideast Regional Assistant