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Michael Wendorf – Bio

Chair, Michigan Rep, Youth Development Program Chair



test robRob Garren
 – Bio

Vice-Chair, Illinois Rep, Race Bid Selection Committee, Marketing Committee




Grinslade ProfileJereme Grinslade– Bio

Treasurer, Indiana Rep, Fundraising Committee, MERCRS Committee




gradyJeff Grady – Bio

Secretary, Illinois Rep, Race Bid Selection Committee, Marketing Committee



General Council


Matt Allgeier

Kentucky Representative, Youth Development Program Committee, Marketing Committee


 baldiTodd Baldi – Bio

Illinois Representative, MERCRS Committee,



groaningMike Groaning – Bio

Indiana Rep, Race Director Liaison, Race Director/Coaches Symposium Coordinator, Race Bid Selection Committee




Daphne Glover

Illinois Representative, MERCRS Committee, Marketing Committee


 ????????????????????????????????????Paul Plummer – Bio

Indiana Rep, Youth Development Program Committee





Dan Tun – Bio

Illinois Rep, Paratriathlon Committee Chair, MERCRS Committee,



wilsonGraham Wilson – Bio

Illinois Rep, Club Liaison, Coaches Liaison, MERCRS Committee,




Non-voting Council

Jim Weaverweaver – Bio

Illinois Representative, Fundraising Committee Chair



USAT10MidEastRegionKristin Nemitz

Race Officials Coordinator



 USAT10MidEastRegionLucas O’Bryan

Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference Commissioner, Youth Development Program Committee



USAT10MidEastRegionCourtney Maddock

Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference Representative



USAT10MidEastRegionChris Navin

MERCRS Committee



USAT10MidEastRegionTom Figuero

Youth Development Program



National Board of Directors

USAT10MidEastRegionDave Kuendig

National Board of Directors Mideast Representative




Administrative Staff

2010 mch profile[1]Michelle C Harter – Bio

Mideast Regional Assistant